Randeep Hooda is known for his versatility as an actor and industry veterans swear by his talent. He is an actor who’s always ready to experiment whether it’s his films or initiatives on social media. This time too, he brings in his own uniqueness to the social media platform by introducing the ‘Randeep Film Festival’ on Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps, he is the first actor to start his own film festival where he will share short clips from his movies along with interesting trivia on a weekly basis. This film festival will display around 6-8 movies of Randeep between May to July 2015.

Throughout the festival the actor will relive the journey of each of his films and share his favourite memories associated with it in the form of movie glimpses, dialogues, posters and fan made art as well. Randeep will also interact with his fans through his Facebook and Twitter pages.

The festival started off with a bang when the actor shared a dialogue from his mobster film ‘D’ followed by an upload from ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbai’ where he played a diametrically opposite role portraying a cop. Randeep’s Film Festival has been loved by his fans and they have extended tremendous support towards it. The social media numbers have already grown by 50K on Facebook and 20K on Twitter organically.

For those who’ve missed Randeep’s first few updates, it’s time to quickly catch up and stay tuned to find out which film will he pick next.

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/Randeephooda?fref=ts

Twitter: @RandeepHooda