Kolkata International Film Festival will soon get a new logo. The government has decided to rebrand the Kolkata International Film Festival. The new logo will be a result of this rebranding exercise. Help of professionals will be taken for this exercise to attract producers and directors from the country and abroad.

The film festival can also have a film market on the likes of Marsch du films which is thronged at Cannes Film festival. This kind of film market can bring revenue to the festival and the people employed in the film making business in the state.

A contest has been announced by the government in which people can submit their entries by uploading it on the film festival website. The winner will get a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh. Atri Bhattacharya the state information and cultural affairs secretary said that there is a need of a new logo for the film festival.

The new logo will be used for the 2014 Kolkata International Film Festival. Kolkata has been the hub of good cinema. The city has produced some of the best filmmakers in India. Many of the present day filmmakers showcase their work at this film festival and meet new buyers and producers.