Lunchbox director Ritesh Batra’s project A Place in the Future and Harud (Autumn) director Aamir Bashir’s project Winter have been shortlisted for the 2nd edition of Biennale College Cinema, the initiative of Venice Film Festival to promote new talents to make micro-budget films.

As a part of the initiative, 12 projects have been selected; each team – composed of directors and producers – will take part in the first 10-day workshop held in Venice in October 2013.

Up to 3 of these 12 projects will receive support for 150,000.00 Euro in order to make 3 feature-length works (first or second work) which will be presented at the 71st Venice International Film Festival.

The announcements were made at the ongoing Venice Film Festival on Tuesday.

Ritesh Batra’s debut feature Lunchbox premiered at the International Critics’ Week of the Cannes Film Festival in 2013 while Aamir Bashir’s debut feature Harud (Autumn) premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2010.

The team for the project A place in the Future includes Director Ritesh Batra (India) and Producer Seher Latif (India)

While the team for the project Winter includeDirector Aamir Bashir (India) and Producer Alan McAlex (India).