Debuting by writing Running Shaadi, Navjot Gulati is a social media firebrand of films.
Navjot calls himself (and his Youtube Channel and Pandolin Blog) Versova Hustler and he is one true blue hustler. From 10 Million Views on his Short on Youtube, to releasing a film with a Dot Com suffixed. It only serves right to interview him over a Facebook chat that follows; as we discuss Running Shaadi and everything in between.
Navjot Gulati

Navjot Gulati

Finally! After all the hustle in Versova, there is a film to show! Excited? Goosebumps? What is Going on in your mind?
I’m curious more than anything.
We believe that we have made a film that has done full justice to the great idea which i cracked many years ago. And i think goosebumps is something I’ll experience after i see it with audience and show it to the love of my life and family of course, Including my two and a half year old nephew who dances while watching the trailer.

Tapsee & Amit


Last week ‘Best Girlfriend’ also reached a landmark number on Youtube with 10,068,152 after two years! It’s all happening at the same time. You think life is at full circle right now ?
Yeah. Definitely. Never in my wildest dreams i thought Best Girlfriend could hit 10 million views. And considering it’s story was written by Amit roy makes it even more special.

Amit Sadh & Taapsee Punnu


Running shaadi is an important film not just for you but for the director and cast members too. You mentioned it is doing what it was supposed to do for all of you. What is that thing? Amit and you specially.
I think the film has opened a lot of doors for the actors, me and Amit even before the release. We all are doing well in our careers and at some level the credit goes to this film. Especially because its a film that has been produced by Shoojit Da (Sarkar) and Vikram Malhotra, two very credible names in the industry.
 How did Shoojit & Vikram come on board?
Amit & I had a ready script which Rohan Sippy was supposed to produce but then we had a creative fall out with him. We already had actors on board thanks to the credibility of Amit as a DOP and the script that we had worked on for about 2 years. After Rohan, we were left with 2 actors who had given two hits in ‘Kai po che’ and Chashme Baddoor and a Director with a kick ass script…
At that point, I told Amit that the first producer who picks up your call will make this film. Shoojit Da picked up the phone and he was the 2nd person Amit had called. Shoojit said yes on the first hear itself and he got Vikram on board.
Amazing! You know everyone! Who all have you shown the film to? What are some of the best compliments you’ve got on the film and/or the trailer yet?
Well. Imtiaz Ali saw the trailer recently and said very good. Maneesh sharma saw it and said its superb. Ayushmann & Apaarshakti Khuraana have seen the film and are big fans. Among many others, Ramesh Taurani saw the film and loved it and signed Amit Roy to make a film for him too.
So yeah! It’s been all good so far. 
Scares you for the audience or adds to the confidence? Your release date was also changed from 10th Feb, but then there are more releases on 17th too. Your trailer however has got the most positive response among everything on the date, which is a plus! Do you think the word of mouth will drive the film high?
It adds to the confidence and yeah this is a word of mouth film. Hoping it can reach as many people as possible

Amit Roy & Amit Sadh

You mentioned Amit’s credibility! Tell me about your partnership. How do you add value to each other and what makes you partnership amazing?
Earlier i was all idea and moments, I learnt to put soul in writing from him and also I observed him through the filming process and picked up ways to extract performances out of the Actors.
And I think he should tell you what he got from me other than ideas :). 
You said, you had the primary cast locked before the producers. How did that happen? How did you pick them?
I recommend both the actors (Amith Sadh & Taapsee Punnu) based on my understanding of the industry and the characters we had. We got in touch with Taapsee through my friend Abhishek Banerjee from Casting Bay and Mukesh Chhabra helped us meet with Amit Sadh.
Both were ready,  the moment they read the script 
Amit Roy of course agreed to the suggestions because he too felt that the two of them will be right for the part. Taapsee in fact is the character we wrote in life! We just had to make her be herself
The trailer tells how right were you…
Yeah. And I’m glad. At least i can now get work as a casting director 😉
After the success of Baby & Pink she (Taapsee) is sought after in Hindi films! You think it will be difficult to cast her for the film now. Would it be different or the story works the same now too?
 She is now a star. And I hope she becomes a bigger one 🙂

Running Shaadi

Going back to the writing. Running Shaadi was and is such a novelty of an Idea. How did it come to you?
Its definitely my fascination with Imtiaz Ali and eloping; coupled with my understanding of the Bihari migrants in Punjab.
It came to me on a train journey from Bhopal! If this film works I’m definitely boarding that train again.
Also, one more questions I forgot to ask in between.
The characters are distinct. Cyberjeet, Ram bharose, Nimmi. Can you tell about each of these characterisations and naming them please?
CyberJeet is a geeky sardaar (Sikh) who loves to crack one-liners but is a great friend.
Bharose is an intense brooding man who is very focused in life until he falls in love. He becomes a fool after that.
And Nimmi is your spunky girl next door who lives in the moment.
Personally, what is more gratifying? Watching the film come to life or releasing it & what comes after?
Watching it come to life is what gives me the most joy along with the whole film making process.
Your ode to Imtiaz Ali…

Anything i write or make in this genre is an ode to him

What are you writing now? What other projects are you involved in?

I’ve written a film each for Abhishek Dogra and Ashwini Chaudhary which we are trying to put together at the moment.

Are you writing Amit’s next?
Have written a couple of more scripts for Amit. Let’s see where it goes.
Lastly. What is that one thing that you want writers to have in abundance beyond the largely discussed right pay and credits!

Writers crave for respect. Give them that and they will do anything for you.