Second Marriage Dot Com trailer
Release Date: 10th August 2012
Cast: Charu Rohatgi, Mohit Chauhan, Vishal Nayak, Sayani Gupta, Sapanpreet Kaur, Ankit Sharma, Nikita More, Kanisha Malhotra, Manjit Tiger, Neeraj Kapoor, Saptaraj Chakraborty, Raman Atre, Rajat Bhalla, Syna Anand, Jaidev Parashar, Shubhash Ahuja, Anoop Ghosh, Manav Mehta
Music: Aditya Arya and Manan Munjal
Director: Gaurav Panjwani

Filmmaking goes progressive in theme and content with Gaurav Panjwani’s Second Marriage Dot Com. The film zeroes in on two kinds of love, the first of a socially downgraded variety, that of middle-aged spouseless people, the second of a supposedly socially illicit kind, that between a man and a woman whose parents are married to each other. As rebellious, rule-breaking incest and a socially licensed relationship spar, people cannot believe themselves and the extents to which they can go. The veil of silence is lifted from over the acquiescence that holds middle-class life and relationships together. Distasteful secrets come tumbling out. Lots of splashes of drama, suspense and crime make this already simmering plot sensationally intriguing. The high-bass and chunky background score sounds sexy and builds up tension profusely, and the pointed use of the colour red in the film gives it a melange of complicated and intertwining meanings, all of which seems to make sense. Hovering around the travesties, privileges, problems and desires in the lives of the new upper middle-classes in Delhi and Gurgaon, Second Marriage Dot Com seems steeped in a Page 3 like look and feel, and makes for some tense and gripping moments of movie-watching. Undoubtedly, this is a film of the mind too and not simply of the senses. Appreciating it would require stepping out of the shoes of easy-going, popcorn-munching entertainment and walking barefoot onto the alleys of uncomfortable breakdown of meanings that hold popular versions of life together and in frigid stillness.

Second Marriage Dot Com trailer