Director Amitabh Singh’s Shortcut Safari, the iconic children film after having been premiered at National Children’s Film Festival is now being showcased  at the Kolkata International Children’s Film Festival.  The film also features Bollywood actor Jimmy Shergill in a pivotal role.

In a statement, director Amitabh Singh Said, “It was clear in my mind that Shortcut Safari has to be engaging and entertaining for the children, but they must take away some positive tangible values from the film. Children today are getting more and more disconnected with the nature, especially animals. With shortcut safari I wanted to reintroduce our children to the vast expanse of wildlife our country has to offer. With this film, I want people to understand that our fear and inhibition towards wildlife and jungles is because we don’t interact with our environment. I hope to rekindle our children’s connect with the abundant wild life that is all over this country. When I discussed the idea behind Shortcut Safari with Jimmy, he loved it and immediately came on board.”

Other than Bollywod star Jimmy Shergill, the film also boasts of  promising child actors like Aashi Rawal, Sharvil Patel, Mann Patel, Ugam Khetani, Stuti Dwivedi, Deah Tondon and Hardil Kanabar. The film is committed to spread the awareness about the endangered leopards.

Actor Jimmy Shergill stated, “it was exciting to be part of the project that has a social cause at its heart. What pulled me towards this story was also the fact that it is targeted towards children, the makers of future India. Shortcut Safari was an eye-opener for me as well. I got to learn a great deal about our environment and I am sure it will address a wide array of issues subtly yet effectively.”

Shortcut safari is the tale of a group of urban students getting stranded in a dense forest during a school trip. The film captures the adventures of these young reluctant explorers. A journey that makes these children gain respect for one another and for the environment. It throws light into the adverse effects that human habitats and waste cause on the environment and wildlife as a whole.

The film has been shot in real locations, predominantly jungles of Gujarat. In light of the underlying message of the film, it was shot with extensive support from the local authorities, Gujarat Ministry and the Forrest department. This was done to ensure no harm was caused to the natural surroundings and also to ensure accurate depiction of facts pertaining to the environment.