[dropcap]B[/dropcap]orn as Pran Krishan Sikand, popularly known as Pran, is going to receive the highest recognition on May 3 for his contribution to Indian cinema.

In his extensive and illustrious career, Pran appeared in more than 350 films since 1940 when he got his first break in a Punjabi film titled “Yamla Jat”. Over the period of six decades, he played all kind of negative and character roles, including his acclaimed performances in films like Zanjeer, Don, Half Ticket and Upkar.

Long back, in his initial career stage, Pran Saab wanted to be a professional photographer in Delhi but destiny forced him to go different way. It was just a casual meeting with the writer Wali Mohammad at a paan

Ziddi (1948) Indian Hindi-language_film_poster

Ziddi (1948) Indian Hindi-language_film_poster

 shop in Lahore that carved the entire future for him. In 1947, Pran Saab shifted to Mumbai with his wife Shukla and tried to launch his acting career there.

His first breakthrough Hindi film was Dev Anand starrer “Ziddi”, which resurrected his career in 1948. After that, there was no turning back for him and gradually he rose to success. By 1950, his name became synonymous to the most malicious villain of Hindi cinema. There was a survey, which tells that during his reigning career, people were so influenced by his negative image that they stopped naming their kids as Pran. Such was the magical impact of his onscreen guise and persona.

His versatility and ability to perform any rolemade him the most beloved character artist among his fans and audience. Later on in 1960s, he switched from being the finest film villain to the more positive character actor. Be it the Malang Chacha of Upkar or Sherkhan of Zanjeer, he was loved and appreciated for his each and every role. He reigned the industry from late 60s to 80s and managed to garner equal respect and money comparable to top film heroes and stars.

In the year 2001, the veteran actor was conferred with the third’s highest civilian award i.e. Padma Bhushan. Besides, he has been honored with four Filmfare awards, especially the Lifetime Achievement trophy, which he bagged in 1997. Though the Dada Saheb Phalke honor comes little delayed to him, yet his family feels deeply privileged and grateful for the reward.

Manoj Kumar & Pran in Upkar Poster

Manoj Kumar & Pran in Upkar Poster

As and when this prestigious award got announced, congratulations and wishes for the legendary actor started pouring from all around. Superstar Amitabh Bachchan tweeted on microblogging website twitter, “A glorious tribute to a great human and a large pillar of the Indian Film Industry”. Likewise, another renowned Villain Prem Chopra expressed his feelings about Pran Saab’s win by saying “He is the most deserving case. He has been a source of inspiration for many people and stayed in the profession for such a long time,”

In nutshell, Pran Saab is truly worthy of this national recognition for his acting par excellence and a wonderful film record. He is undoubtedly the greatest villain film industry has ever witnessed during its hundred years of Indian cinema. Pandolin wishes him a long healthy life and many more heart-warming moments.


Pandolin Quick Picks

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  • Heer Ranjha  – Pran’s role in the movie & the poems will take you on the love saga of the two broken hearts in India’s one of the first musical.
  • Karz – The modern day Kabeer & his refreshed quirky ‘dohas’ make for a powerful role in Ravi Verma’s revenge.
  • Amar Akbar Anthony – Kishan lal – the poor man, the rich man, the father, the husband and the care taker. Pran starts the story, Pran ends it.
  • Victoria No. 203 – Rana in this thrilling chase of a horse carriage with his confidante that has a stash of diamonds. Funny, intriguing,unbelievable.


– Sheetal Kapoor for Pandolin.com