Here’s the official trailer of Surkhaab, a film based on Canada’s illegal immigrants. Directed by Sanjay Talreja, the film features actress Barkha Madan in the lead role of a strong woman named Jeet.The film is woman-centric, revolving around Jeet, a judo champion,who gets trapped in the chaos of illegal immigration and human trafficking.

An illegal immigrant and a carrier, she is on the run in a world alien from her. An exposure to the parallel world that exists in developed countries. A week in the life of a human being trafficked.

Jeet is a fiesty and headstrong Punjabi woman, who, believes in facing her life head on. She does not get down easily, has an inherent positivity about herself and believes in facing life, with her head held high and her fist ready. Deep inside she is a straight forward and simple person, but unfortunately for her, the world she exists in, is not about straightforwardness. The word fear and self pity are as alien to Jeet, as the world, she is about to get into.

The film is set to release in theaters on May 22, 2015.