After all the controversies that surrounded The Good Road now the film is doing the rounds of festivals to showcase why it deserves to be India’s official entry at The Academy Awards. The Good Road is the opening film at Indian Film Festival, Houston (IFFH). The prestigious film festival is scheduled to screen films from October 4 to 6, 2013. This is the first time that The Good Road will be a part of a festival after the grand announcement.

The IFFH focuses on works of celebrated directors and avoids cliche Bollywood films. The festival believes in content rich films, documentaries and short films. More value is given to director’s vision here and not to the formula films that features a star.

The festival founder Sutapa Ghosh also a film producer says, “We love Bollywood, but we’re beyond Bollywood. The new generation has evolved into something new now. There was stagnation for a long time where we were doing the same thing over and over. Now, the younger generation is doing something different. We have documentaries, short films, off-beat independent films. We want to showcase the best of Indian related cinema at the world stage.”

The festival selects films that have the content to compete with world cinema. Smile Pinky which won the Best Documentary award at IFFH in 2009 also won an Academy Award.