YouTube has emerged as one of the primary sources of entertainment in today’s times. It is easy to access from any device, has videos from all over the world and most importantly lets you skip ads. YouTube has opened up a new gamut of opportunities for people to showcase their talent. Be it short films, comedians or even tutorials, all you need to do is create your YouTube channel and your content could become a rage. Our country is hooked to various such channels that have carved a niche of their own. Pandolin lists the top ten most entertaining YouTube channels in India.

The Viral Fever

The Viral Fever or TVF as it is popularly known as is one of the oldest Indian YouTube channels. They started off with sketch comedy and spoofs. One of their first videos to go viral was ‘Rowdies’ where they bring out the ridiculousness of the show it sounds like. This YouTube channel has grown from making parodies of existing shows to creating their own web series. Their recent series, ‘Pitchers’, is a like the Indian version of the American show ‘Silicon Valley’ while their other series, ‘Permanent Roommates’, is a take on live-in relationships in India. TVF also has a spoof of a popular interview show and they call it ‘Barely Speaking with Arnub Goswami’. This show has gained a lot of popularity as it brings out the frustration that everyone experiences while watching ‘News Hour’ since they can’t decipher anything amidst all the screaming.

All India Bakchod

All India Bakchod (AIB), co-owned by Gursimran Khamba and Tanmay Bhatt, is one of the most popular channels on YouTube in India. After their video ‘It’s My Fault’, that spoke against blaming the victim, went viral, their content has just gotten better and more popular. They upload a sketch almost every month and also occasionally upload podcasts that are equally fun to listen to. They have had podcasts with Johnny Lever, Russell Peters, Varun Grover and the most recent one being with actor Irrfan Khan. They do live shows like ‘Royal Turds’ (an award ceremony for all the bad films of the year) and they were also in the news for the infamous ‘Roast of Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh’.

East India Comedy

East India Comedy (EIC) is headed by one the oldest and most popular comedians in India, Sorabh Pant. EIC is also famous for their sketch comedy. Their most recent video was on the imposition of bans called ‘Ban Ban!’. They also have a news comedy show called the ‘The Bottom Line’, which is hosted by Sorabh. If you’re looking for a good dose of comedy on a daily basis, EIC is the channel you need to subscribe to.


Kanan Gill (Pretentious Movie Reviews)

Kanan Gill is a stand up comedian and also the co-creator of the show called ‘Pretentious Movie Reviews’ along with Biswa Kalyan Rath. This show banks on nostalgia, takes you back in time and riffs on the movies you grew up with. Being a nineties kid, this is one channel I keep going back to for their fun dissection of some of my favorite movies. Kanan and Biswa have reviewed movies like Hum Saath Sath Hain and Main Prem Ki Diwaani Hoon, among others to show us how problematic and illogical these films were. Don’t forget to check the deleted scenes and bloopers showcased on the channel, they are a complete treat.

Large Short Films

Large Short Films showcases unique short films from different genres made by new as well as established filmmakers. One of the films on this channel called Ahalya recently went viral. Directed by Sujoy Ghosh, it was a different take on the story of the character Ahilya from Indian Mythology. Sujoy Ghosh successfully recreated this story in a modern setting which garnered much appreciations from viewers all over. Large Short Films also feature short films by Anurag Kashyap, Chakri Toleti and many others. Their latest films, called Nayantara’s Necklace is a thriller featuring Konkana Sen Sharma and Tillotama Shome.



Newslaundry is a great substitute to any news show on television. This channel is subtle, soft and has a no – nonsense approach. Noted journalist Madhu Trehan is one of the founding members of the channel alongwith Prashant Sareen, Roopak Kapoor and Abhinandan Sekhri. Here people only answer when they are asked and the host doesn’t jump to conclusions. One of the most famous videos on the channel is – “Can You Take It Karan Thapar.” Newslaundry has discussions and interviews that make the news interesting and engaging without relying on loud sound effects.

Daniel Fernandes

Daniel Fernandes is a comedian who uploads stand-up videos about various topics in the news. He quit a full time advertising job to pursue his love for comedy. Daniel’s most recent video was on the subject of ‘Capital Punishment’. It is commendable to see how Daniel makes controversial topics like capital punishment, funny and educational at the same time. Whether you agree with him or not, he does present a strong case with every topic he takes up.

Being Indian

Being Indian adopts the voxpop method, which involves a host going out and interacting with the general public on topics that are a taboo or are relevant and in the news. The hosts of most of the videos on this channel are full of energy and ask about ridiculous news stories or weird taboos prevalent India. It’s these conversations and people’s reactions to them, that make the channel a fun watch. Being Indian also regularly come up with sketches that are a play on conventional stereotypes. Some of their famous sketches are ‘Every South Mumbai girl in the world’, ‘Every Delhi Girl in the world’ and so on.

Shuddh Desi Endings

Shuddh Desi Endings spoofs Indian films by recreating them through animation. These spoofs are fun to watch even though they would riff a few of your favorite films. One of their recent spoofs was on Kabir Khan’s Phantom where within barely seven minutes they tell you about the film and also bring out the ridiculousness of it. So, if you don’t have time to watch a movie or don’t want to waste hundreds of rupees on mindless movies, simply watch their spoof on Shuddh Desi Endings. It would probably be more entertaining.

Scherezade Shroff

Scherezade Shroff or Sherry Shroff’s as she’s popularly knows as is a model and blogger whose channel offers several fashion based tutorials. She tutors people on everything that is related to fashion, from various hairstyles to picking the right pair of shoes, Sherry knows it all. If you are a fashion buff and want to know the where and how of fashion, this is your one-stop channel. The channel also has a show called ‘Fashion Hall’ where Sherry goes shopping and showcases the latest collection from various leading brands. the ultimate fashionista, she also shares tips on how one can order things from abroad without having to pay a bomb.

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