Manhattan Short 2014 in India, the international platform which showcases, celebrates and awards short films from across the world will also conduct a variety of workshops covering different aspects of film-making and short film making. Manhattan Short 2014, India chapter, will be held from  October 3 2014 to  October 5 2014 at Sitara Studio in Mumbai. The festival will screen the ten best short films that have been selected from across the globe. Here’s a list of top 5 films that should not be missed this year:



ShiftAustraliaJames CrokeA genius invents a sophisticated device that gives him a super power for the perfect heist. 


11 minutes

97%NetherlandsBen BrandA man tries to track down a potential love interest on a crowded train using a smartphone app. 


8 minutes

The Bravest, the BoldestUSAMoon MolsonA mother tries to avoid two U.S. Army officers ready to deliver the worst news of her life. 


17 minutes

Rhino Full ThrottleGermanyErik SchmittA man searching for the soul of a city encounters an enigmatic young woman who unlocks his heart. 


15 minutes

CrimeUSAAlix Lambert & Sam ChouA graphic-novel-style documentary about the havoc crime creates told by those living through it. 


14 minutes


This year Manhattan Short 2014 in India and its chief patron Vivanta by Taj conducted an exciting competition named, ‘Vote for India’. This initiative saw filmmakers from across India send in their short film entries to compete for a spot in the global finalist list. Three India winners have been decided post the voting conducted. These three winners each have won a chance to create a short film for Vivanta by Taj.



Seductive Berozgaari (Seductive Unemployment)Mumbai/AjmerStalin ‘Bertie’ MasseyAn unemployed young man encounters a genie in a radio who grants him three wishes. 


11:53 mins

Ten Past TwelveMumbaiSamay BhattacharyaOn a stormy night Ray, a film director, is caught up in his office with work. He has an unexpected visitor and he finds comfort in his company, only to discover to his horror that things aren’t quite as expected. 




08:06 mins

UnfoldPuneNeha KulkarniA true story based on the experience of a little girl who is hearing-impaired. She feels left out in this world of ‘normal’ people and finds happiness in her own amazing world of origami03:41 mins