As the most awaited action film of the year, Dhoom 3 sets to release this December, we take a look back at the tremendously applauded action films of Hindi cinema. Though in the recent times, bollywood has largely witnessed the sugar-doped romantic comedies only yet the adrenaline rush, which we get through the hardcore action still maintains its charm. Whether it’s our Indian superhero, Krishh or dapper crime boss, Don, cinemagoers go gaga over each and every action practiced by them. Besides, these high-octane action flicks make for a fun movie-watching experience with your friends. Here’s a list of top ten action films recommended by Pandolin.

sholaySholay: Since the inception of Indian cinema, so many action films have been produced and seen yet Sholay remains our top favorite. Be it the dialogues, music, comedy, romance, emotions or action in it, this cult-classic directed by Ramesh Sippy happens to be the most-appreciated Hindi film of all times. Set in the backdrop of a village where two young men fight against a notorious dacoit named Gabbar Singh, the plot of this film narrates the journey of a revenge- thirsty police officer whose entire family was callously massacred by Gabbar. Regarded as the most violent movie at the time of its release, Sholay features some really terrific action sequences that have now become immortal.

Don: As the title suggests, it’s a story of an Indian fictional mafia lord who is not only dominant inside his country lines but ruling the underworld gang worldwide. He is on the most wanted list of Interpol but still manages to remain elusive to the police owing to his sharp wits and intuition. It’s a character, which has been brought to life by not just one but two superstars of our country, i.e. first by Amitabh Bachchan in a script penned by Javed Akhtar and then later by Shahrukh Khan in its modern adaptation directed by Farhan. Though the remake of this film was based on the original story line yet the entire look and the action sequences were exclusively redesigned. Even in its new avatar, Farhan’s Don received huge accolades and became an instant blockbuster. Upon the popular demand by the fans of this character, Don got its sequel in 2011, where the story moves beyond Asian underworld and enters European business of crime. Movies like Don are made once in a while when just one dialogue uttered by the hero gets etched for lives and we literally start believing, “Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahin namumkin hai”.

Ghayal: Starring India’s biggest action hero of 90’s i.e. Sunny Deol, this film with it’s enthralling story line and roller-coaster action laid a huge impact on the audiences. Regarded as a true action classic and one of Raj Kumar Santoshi’s best films, Ghayal is all about a man’s revenge against a wicked businessman and a battle against our own blind judiciary. Featuring dark reality and some brutal action scenes, this award-winning cinema is a must on every top action-movies list. Its one of those films that can turn you into a die-hard Sunny Deol Fan, in case you are not one of them. Rated super-hit at the time of its release, this magnum opus is expected to see its sequel “ Ghayal Returns” in the proximate future.

Satya-1998Satya: Written by Saurabh Shukla and Anurag Kashyap, this Ram Gopal Varma’s film ruthlessly bares the stark truth of Mumbai underworld amidst massive violence, killings and gang rivalry. Considered as the best gangster film of all times, Satya narrates the story of an immigrant who moves to Mumbai and unknowingly gets stuck in a big bad world. Shot on a shoestring budget with a cast of relatively newcomers, this action flick showcased Mumbai crime world in such a fascinating avatar that nobody had ever seen. For all those who are yearning to savor another bite of this eccentric intense story, gear up to watch Satya 2 that is about to release this month.

Company: One of the best films that rolled out of Ram Gopal Varma factory was the Jaideep Sahni’s scripted Company. Following the stark and dark reality of Mumbai underworld and the organized crime sector, the story of this movie originated out of a press interview with mafia leader named Chhota Rajan. Based on an almost-true depiction and the events that led to the split of a mafia organization, this cold-blooded action flick features some brilliant performances by Vivek Oberoi and Ajay Devgan. Embarking upon a new genre of filmmaking with his three films namely Satya, Company and D, Ram Gopal Varma got acknowledged as the master of film noir with this “Indian Gangster Trilogy”.

Wanted: This comeback film of Salman Khan played a huge role in establishing him as an undefeated superstar of the Hindi film industry. Directed by Prabhu Deva and action-choreographed by Vijayan Master, this bollywood remake of Telugu film Pokiri, went on to receive Star Screen and Filmfare awards for the best action. Packed with dashing stunts and animated fight scenes, this crime action thriller is a complete entertainment package that hooks both adults and kids equally. Following the success of the original film, producer Boney Kapoor immediately announced the sequel to it titled “ Most Wanted” but the audience is yet to see its release.

72092609Kaminey: Termed as the “ Bollywood’s first all-the-way-out-to-there pulp fiction”, Vishal Bharadwaj’s Kaminey is a tasteful action film starring Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra. Blending the flavor of both violence and dark humor in a style resembling to the films of Quentin Tarantino and Coen Brothers, this unpredictable crime drama recounts the story of two estranged twins, mistaken identity, mafia men, corrupt cops and a parallel love affair. Kaminey combines all the elements of a stereotype Bollywood classic under one roof and then presents them in a realistic Hollywood manner. Yet, it appears so original and inventive in its approach that one can’t help but watch this engrossing flick over and over.

Race: Shot in the signature style of Abbas Mustan, this thriller action film is a superb mash of glitzy locations, flashy cars, playful music, hot bods and an exciting plot entailing unexpected turns and twists. Starring Anil Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Akshaye Khanna, Bipasha Basu, and Katrina Kaif in the lead, this movie unleashes the drama involving two step brothers via an intriguing storyline. Loaded with a lot of voguish action and wonderful performances, this movie not only got audience love but some good reviews from critics. Cashing on the success of the original film, Abbas Mustan returned with its sequel titled Race 2, which again went on to churn few more Crores in the industry.

Ghajini: Who could have imagined before Ghajini that a chocolaty hero like Aamir Khan would one day play such a violent role in an extremely ruthless revenge saga? The story of this film revolves around a rich businessman portrayed by Aamir who develops short-term memory loss following a brutal encounter in which his love interest gets killed. And thereafter, forgetting everything else, he vows to kill the murderer. Apart from the amazing performances and ferocious murders shown in this film, the rippling musculature of bald and tattooed Aamir became the most fascinating aspect to see on screen. The only pacifying element in this fully loaded action flick was the romantic angle and the melodious tracks filled in at appropriate places. Adapted from a Tamil film by the same name and directed by the same director, A R Murugadoss, this engaging masterpiece bagged many film awards and much love from audiences.

John_Abraham_Bollywood_Sargam_dhoom_abraham_0001Dhoom: Dhoom was the first action movie produced by Yashraj Films after a gap of almost two decades since Vijay released in 1988. The story of this film revolves around the tussle between a daring ACP and a gang of high-speed motorcyclists who are robbing banks and then mysteriously vanishing into thin air. Dhoom introduced a new genre of fast-paced action and robbery-themed films that got immensely liked among the youth of our country. After the raging success of the first film, a sequel to it, titled Dhoom 2 was released in 2006. And now, the third film of this stylish action series starring Aamir Khan is about to release this Christmas. Influenced by the racing bikes and powerful stunts shown in this action flick, many bike-borne theft, speeding rides and stunting on public roads came into being. However, despite of all these law-breaking incidents and blames, Dhoom makers are again coming with a bang in order to thrill Indian audiences.

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