The 70th Venice International Film Festival to be held from August 28 to  September 7, 2013 will screen restored versions of Satyajit Ray’s Mahapurush (The Holy Man) and Kapurush  (The Coward) in the classic section, Venezia Classici. The films are based on the short stories: ‘Janaiko Kapuruser Kahini’ by Premendra Mitra (The Coward) and ‘Birinchibaba’ by Parashuram (The Holy Man).

Sorcerer (1977), the American thriller Produced and Directed by William Friedkin, restpred for the occasion by Warner Bros. will open the Venezia Classici section of the festival

Venezia Classici, the section devoted to restored films and documentaries was introduced last year at the Venice Film Festival. It features a selection of the finest classic film restorations – the rediscovery of neglected or underrated films of the past – completed over the past year by film libraries, cultural institutions or production companies around the world.

This year a Jury composed of Film students from various Italian Universities will award two prizes:  Award for Best Film of Venezia Classici and Award for Best Documentary on Cinema.