Actor – Director Kabir Sadanand brings a new, fun web series called the Virgin Woman Diaries giving people a breather from the contrived saas-bahu weepathons on TV.

The series focuses on a young girl, above 18 years of age, who is in a live-in relationship with her boyfriend and is curious to discover her sexuality. Renowned theatre and television actors Delnaz Irani and Amit Behl play the girl’s parents.

While Kabir’s previous series presented a humorous talking diary of a married woman and how she dealt with the constantly changing dynamics of her relationship, the Virgin Woman Diaries is based on a similar concept but with a twist, an extra pinch of humour and a difference in perspective.

Talking about her role, Delnaz exclaims, “Kabir is a friend and it has been absolute fun shooting for Virgin Woman Diaries. I play the role of a nagging mother, something very different from characters I have played in the past.”

“What a fun-filled experience it has been. I am sure that not just the youth but everyone else will also love the series,” adds Amit Behl.

Virgin Woman Diaries goes online on August 28.