Director Nicolette Krebitz’s "Wild" will present you with the most twisted beauty and the beast romance you've never imagined!

Ania’s life is as drab and colourless as her surroundings.

She has nothing to look forth to except her visits to her terminally hospitalised grandfather.

Till her chance encounter with a wolf.


Suffocated amidst a concrete jungle, locking eyes with this gloriously feral beast sets off a domino effect of rebellious strikes; arousing the suppressed animalistic primitivism within her to finally break free of her urban captivity.

Nicolette Krebitz’s Wild is certainly one of those films that tread a never-attempted-before territory so eccentrically taboo and provocative, that it almost takes the call of the wild to an illogical extreme.

Possibly the most twisted beauty and the beast romance you’ve never imagined, the sheer bravery in ideating a plot so visceral in transgressions is surely the best way to shirk audiences out of their comfort zones.

Those faint of heart will surely leave the theatre with their tail meekly between their legs!