While writing a biopic there are several factors that come into play to ensure authenticity. Here are some key points to bear in mind while penning a biopic.

1. Do your research - not just of the major political events but more about the personal life and small incidents that might have a bigger impact later in the person's life.

2. Be clear about the kind of film you're writing - or your feature may start looking like a documentary and vice versa. Do your research accordingly.

3. You have to be authentic about the place, time and people. Be extra careful about the dates.

4. Be historically correct - in terms of costumes, art work, props and other things to be used in the film.

5. Make facts interesting - Use your own discretion and intelligence to make simple life look dramatic, to create characters that add an extra dimension to the protagonist and use events that add a thrust to the story.

-Mahendra Jakhar

(Ex-Journalist turned Screenwriter)